Private Limited Company

A private limited company comes under one of the most highly recommended ways to create a business in India since it secures shareholders with limited liability and precise ownership limits. Private Limited Company Registration becomes the first choice for any startup since it gives the easiest way to raise funds from investors.

It's a type of company incorporation that give firms a legal personality independent from its owners, directors and shareholders. As a result, crucial services such as the capacity to contract in its name and the protection of the owner's personal assets from company obligations are provided.


• Banks, venture capitalists, and investors prefer it.

• Shares are easy to assign and redistribute to other directors/people who have put money into the company.

• Combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefits of a public limited company.

• The company has the least risk of getting dissolved.

Documents Required

✅ Proof of Identity

✅ Address Proof

✅ Aadhar Card

✅ Photograph

✅ PAN card


❓ How many people are required to form a private ltd company?

☛ Minimum 2 people are required to incorporate a private limited company.

❓ How much time it will take to form private ltd company?

☛ From the date of submission of complete required documents, it will take approximately 14 working days to deliver certificate of incorporation in your hand.

❓ Can a Private Limited Company carry more than one business in a single name?

☛ Yes, a Private Limited Company is allowed to carry on more than one business activity (multiple activities) but that should be in accordance with the Object Clause of the Company. If the proposed activity is not defined in the Object Clause, you must make appropriate alteration in the Object Clause.

❓ Can a company be registered at residential place?

☛ Yes, there is no restriction regarding the place where a company can be registered. Only requirement is that you must be having valid address proof in respect of such address and proper NOC from the owner/ Rent Deed.

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